Our brand

Femme Facon is a romantic and feminine Scandinavian brand featuring designs in home textiles and a clothing collection for women. We are inspired by vintage textiles and patterns, romantic French country style and the atmosphere of the Swedish skerries.

Feminine lace, light embroidery, and delicate flower prints are the core of Femme Facon’s designs – all of them in light and soothing colours.

We care for the environment and focus on sustainability in our production. Therefore we mainly use natural fibers for our designs.

We are not dictated by trends, as we put great value into doing things our own way. For us, timelessness and quality are very important – our products only getting lovelier by use.

Our Story

Femme Facon was founded in 2021 by the couple Kristina and Nicholas. With a dream of creating a unique, romantic vintage universe the first collection was launched in Autumn 2021. Both are interested in product development and have backgrounds within the interior and fashion industry.

During the first year, Femme Facon has grown bigger – today we have retailers in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and in the USA.

We are inspired by bright, soothing surroundings, the shapes, and colours of nature as well as the originality of the vintage style. We focus on natural materials and put great importance on delicate and comfortable materials.


We love using natural fibers. We respect the environment and believe that natural fabrics obtain a unique appearance over time.

A big part of our collections is made of linen. As a material, linen only gets prettier when used. Linen is an environmentally friendly material and is produced from the flax flower and its stems. It has many good qualities – it is breathable, absorbing and keeps its shape well. The fabric has natural folds which creates a soothing look.

Our fabrics are also made of cotton – and we offer a big part as organic cotton. Cotton is extracted from the cotton plant. The fabric is breathable, soft and gets further softened when used.

When produced, organic cotton minimizes the use of pesticides and water consumption. This makes it a more sustainable choice being better for nature, the planet and the people working in the production of cotton.

Product range

In the universe of Femme Facon we create two product ranges – home textiles and apparel for women. We produce two collections yearly – one for Spring/Summer and one for Autumn/Winter.