Sales agents

Kristina & Nicholas

Belgium & Holland
Emma Ergün
+32 496 28 21 19

Australia and New zealand
Kylie Cable
+61 410 421 782

Germany, Switzerland & Spain
Silvia Acevedo Eldridge Gloor
+41 (o) 76 538 2771

Merja Salonen
+358 400 998188

Alison Hocking
01386 859126

Other nationalities
Nicholas Fromm Schou
+45 40138688

Are you interested in becoming an agent or distributor at Femme façon. We are a fast growing scandinavian brand of home décor fabrics and womens clothing for soft living We are not dictated by trends, as we put great value into doing things our own way. For us, timelessness and quality are very important – our products only getting lovelier by use.

Application requirements
In order for Femme façon to secure continuous growth we have some requirements we need to see fit. As a business profile you’re already in business and most likely have a strong portfolio of existing customers with access to potential new customers
If you want to apply to our agent/distributor setup, we need you to make a short presentation where you include:
How many years have you been in business?

A brand portfolio
Showroom location(s)
The size of your team
Full service/sales agency

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and reading your application.

Kristina & Nicholas founders Femme façon